Tutu Costumes

All little girls love dressing up in tutus so they are certain to love costumes with tutu skirts included as part of their outfit. Remember you don’t need to wait until Halloween to dress your daughter in a tutu costume. Dress-up parties for birthdays are a great way to have your little girl enjoy tutu costumes.

There are a variety of ideas for tutu costumes or you can think of your own idea. For example, you can create a witch costume with a long black tutu dress or a princess with a long pink tulle skirt. How about a pixie tutu with green tulle and pointed tulle tips? You could also create a bunny or cat costume by adding ears and a tail plus some basic facial make-up for a cute animal costume.

Whatever you choose to create, your costume with a tutu will certainly be a hit with your little girl and a hit of the costume party!


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  1. pumpkincat210 replied:

    I recently made 2 tutu’s for my daughters, 8 and 4, and they love them so much! I am now a bit obsessed and have been gathering my ideas, are you using the no sew method? I messed up on one of the tutu’s, i made the tulle too short and it wadded up into a mess. The other ones are fine. I’m thinking about making a bigger adult tutu to sell. I’m even considering donating one to a charity or charity auction. You are right, little girls LOVE them and so do I 😉

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