Infant Tutus For Your Baby

You love your little treasure more than anything in the world. That is why you want only the best for her. She will surely love to have an infant tutu. She will like the color and the gorgeous puff. This garment might actually become her favorite play thing. She might even want to be a real ballerina one day.

You can buy or make an infant tutu. There are different models sold on the market, but you might want to pick the fabric and make the design on your own. In this way you will be certain that your baby will feel comfortable when wearing the garment and play happily. All materials and tools you need are readily available and easy to find. The next step is to learn the methods for creating a tutu and you are ready to turn fantasy into reality.

You can choose between different designs. The bell tutus are totally gorgeous, but they are more suitable for slightly older girls. You will definitely not get it wrong if you opt for a pancake models – these not only use up less material for the making, but are also more comfy for the child. You can make such a model as puffy as you like, but your little girl will definitely look absolutely sweet in any garment.

The color you pick for the infant tutu does not have to be a classic girly one. The pink is totally beautiful, but you should also consider some of the trendier shades such as lavender, cream, blue and green. You can pick a fabric with floating colors or use pieces with different shades to make the tutu more exotic. The sparkly tulle is also an excellent choice.

You can embellish the infant tutu in any way you like. The tulle ribbons and flowers are the most obvious choices, but you can also pick something more unconventional.


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I Teach Moms How to Make Tutus For Their Daughters

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Basic Tutu Supplies Needing For Making a Tutu

To make a professional tutu you’ll just need some basic supplies to make a beautiful creation for your daughter or any little girl.

First you’ll need an elastic or ribbon waistband custom fit to the little girl’s waist size. Next you’ll want enough tulle fabic to create a fluffy and full tutu skirt or tutu dress. Third, you will want some fun and beautiful embellishments to jazz up a plain tut into a professional looking skirt. Ribbons, buttons, pom poms, and feathers make some excellent tutu embellishments for girls tutus. All you need is a little hot glue or some basic hand sewing stitches to hold the embellishments in place on your tutu skirt.

As you can see, with just a few basic supplies from any craft or fabric store, you can create gorgeous professional looking tutus with ease homemade for your little girl to enjoy wearing.

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Mommy Blogger Contest for

silly pic of me and wax figure of samuel l. jackson in LA 🙂 for contest rules and to sign-up to participate.

Thanks so much to all the mom bloggers who have already joined the contest. I’m going to add the list of blogs here on May 1st so y’all can visit their sites! There are some really fun mom blogs that I’ve been reading and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Thanks again! Let me know if I can do anything to help you out with your blogs too!!

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Tutu Costumes

All little girls love dressing up in tutus so they are certain to love costumes with tutu skirts included as part of their outfit. Remember you don’t need to wait until Halloween to dress your daughter in a tutu costume. Dress-up parties for birthdays are a great way to have your little girl enjoy tutu costumes.

There are a variety of ideas for tutu costumes or you can think of your own idea. For example, you can create a witch costume with a long black tutu dress or a princess with a long pink tulle skirt. How about a pixie tutu with green tulle and pointed tulle tips? You could also create a bunny or cat costume by adding ears and a tail plus some basic facial make-up for a cute animal costume.

Whatever you choose to create, your costume with a tutu will certainly be a hit with your little girl and a hit of the costume party!

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Should I Purchase or Make a Tutu?

Many little girls are discovering how beautiful and fun tutus are to wear and asking their parents for some pretty tutu skirts.  Now comes the decision to purchase a custom tutu or to learn how to make a tutu.  The good news is that many types of tutu skirts and dresses can be made with just a few dollars worth of supplies and only take about thirty minutes to create.  Making your own homemade no-sew tutus can save you up to $100 on the purchase on one tutu.  You can feel more comfortable allowing your daughter to have fun in her tutu and wear as often as she’d like when you make tutus for a significantly smaller cost.  When you purchase a custom tutu you will probably only want to save it for special occasions and photo shoots since tutus can be delicate and you won’t want to have her pretty dress destroyed after just a few wears.

For moms that don’t have a few extra hours to grab supplies and create a few no-sew homemade tutus then I would suggest buying them.  Again though, be aware of the hefty price tag as the average tutu runs between $20 and $75 a piece.  Also remember that kids grow quickly and might outgrow your custom boutique tutu by that same time next season so each year you will need to purchase a new and larger size which gets pretty costly.

If you have just a few minutes and some basic supplies from a craft or fabric store, you can begin to create beautiful tutu skirts and tutu dresses that are just as professional and gorgeous as a tutu you could buy online or in a boutique store.

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Are tutus just for dress up?

No way!  Have you seen the latest styles walking the runway this spring?  Surprisingly tutus aren’t even just for infants and little girls any more.  You’ll see a lot of tulle skirts for teenagers and women alike.  Certainly if women are donning tutu skirts for fashion and enjoying this latest trend, then little girls can wear their tutu skirts as part of a fun outfit as well.  Tutus are no longer just for dress up but are also being used as a professional looking outfit for photo shoots and as dresses for holidays and special occasions.  Let your little girl be a princess all day long when you pair a tutu skirt with jeans or leggings and a matching top.  On holidays you can create a beautiful tutu empire waist dress or tutu halter dress for her to wear.

Tutus can be purchased online or in boutique stores for $25-100.  You can also learn how to make your own tutus for your daughter with under $5 worth of supplies.  There are many no-sew options for making tutu skirts and tutu dresses so you don’t even need to worry if you are not good with a sewing machine.

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Tutu Dresses

You’ve probably seen girls in tutu skirts but have you checked out the latest fashion trend of tutu dresses? Tutu dresses are a fancier extension of a basic tutu skirt and are a perfect fashion idea for your little girl to wear during the holidays or for any special occasion really. Your daughter will certainly enjoy looking like a princess in her long tulle dress which can extend all the way down to her ankles if you so choose. A red tutu dress with white feather boa trim would be a great Christmas dress. (This is actually one of the tutus I’ll show you how to make in “Secrets to Tutu Making Success”)

How about an orange and black tulle dress for Halloween or an all black tutu dress for a witch costume? A pink and yellow tutu would be perfect for the Easter holiday or spring season. Whatever the holiday or occasion, your little girl will love dressing up in a beautiful tutu dress with matching tutu hair accessories!

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Tutu Fashion Trend For Spring

Stella McCartney recently released a tutu line for GapKids and will be launching another line for them shortly.  Apparently tulle skirts are in for this spring for adults and little girls.  Top designers are filling the runways with beautiful tutu skirts for all ages.

Jenni Lynn of agrees, “Tulle skirts have always been a popular play time dress up costume for many little girls but more recently we are seeing them as skirts and dresses for every day wear thanks to tulle skirts becoming a trendy and fashionable outfit.”  Jenni teaches moms how to create skirts from tulle since the cost of purchasing boutique tutu skirts is cost preventative for many.  “Moms can learn how to create beautiful and professional looking tutu skirts for their daughter’s without spending a fortune since the basic supplies are fairly inexpensive and the instructions are easy to follow and create with.” Jenni confirms.

Once your daughter tries on her first tutu, she will most certainly be hooked on this new fashion trend and will soon be begging you to wear her tutu for more than just play time.  You can see professional photographers across the nation using tutus to dress up infants and little girls for photo shoots as well.

The tutu is hip and trendy now but it most likely here to stay in one fashion or another due to the overwhelmingly positive response with little girls who want to dress up in fun skirts and show off their princess side.

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All About Tutus!

Want to read more about tutus? I created a Scribd article here: All About Girls Tutus

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