No-Sew Tutu Skirts and Dresses You Can Learn How to Make


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Tutu Skirts and Dresses Latest Fashion Trend for Young Girls

Cary, NC – March 25, 2010

Tutus are the latest trend for babies and little girls to wear, and they are not just for ballet class anymore.  A recent February 2010 issue of “In Touch Weekly” magazine featured an article titled “These Little Darlings Just Want To Dance; It’s All The Rage For Celeb Kids.”  Yes, they were talking about tutus and displayed multiple photos of celebrity kids wearing tutus out and about around town.  Celebrities such as Sacha Baron Cohen’s daughter, Olive (age 2); Madonna’s daughter, Mercy (age 4); Heidi Klum and Seal’s daughter, Leni (age 5); Adam Sandler’s daughter, Sadie (age 3); Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards daughter, Lola (age 4); and finally Halle Berry’s daughter, Nahla (age 2).

Beyond celebrity daughters, tutus can be seen on little girls all across the U.S. for photo shoots, play time dress up, and even simply as a trendy outfit to wear out and about.  The most popular type of tutu for these girls tends to be short, fluffy, and full worn with leggings or tights underneath.  Older girls even choose to wear jeans under their trendy, hip tutus.  During the holidays, many fashionable moms will have tutu dresses for their daughters to wear.  Red or green Christmas tutu empire waist dresses are popular, as well as red, white, and blue Fourth of July tutu skirts.  There seems to be a tutu skirt or dress appropriate for any occasion or holiday from play time to Sunday best dress.

Jenni Lynn of who teaches how to make tutus, shares, “Tutus have become the latest fashion trend for babies and girls even as old as teenagers.  Many boutiques as well as stores in your local mall are beginning to carry a variety of tutus.  Unfortunately the cost of a single tutu can be preventative for many since they average anywhere from $25 to $100 a piece. was created out of my desire to provide an inexpensive way for moms to create their own professional looking easy no-sewing machine required tutus for their little girls so that every child can feel like a celebrity and princess in her tutu skirt or dress.”

Tutus for little girls are no longer just for ballerinas, but a fashion trend that will certainly be here to stay since all girls love the opportunity to dress up like a princess in their trendy tutus.

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You Can Learn How to Make a Tutu and Save Major Money!

Have you seen the prices on those  beautiful and colorful boutique style tutus for girls?  WHOA!  The good news is that you can learn how to make tutus for babies, infants, and girls with just a few supplies and your creativity for embellishing them with ribbons, flowers, jewels, pom poms, and other fun girly designs.

The basic supplies and materials needed for creating custom made tutus at home are pretty inexpensive so you can save money by making your own tutus instead of buying expensive custom made ones.

Find a photo of a tutu you like and then do your best to re-create that design with your own touches.  Use a variety of tulle colors and really make your design unique.  Your little girl will certainly love to show off her tutu that you’ve made handmade with love.

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Tutu Making for Beginners

You might think tutu making is a difficult task but I’m happy to tell you that you can learn how to make a tutu with NO SEW techniques.  I LOVED discovering no sew tutus because I am not a big fan of using a sewing machine and enjoy crafts and projects where I don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out sewing!

There are numerous ways to make tutus and most of them are very easy for beginners to learn to create so you can make a custom tutu for your daughter or special little girl with ease.

The basic supplies needed for making tutus are available at your local craft store, as well as the tools needed for the project.  Besides that, the materials are not that expensive.  You will certainly save money when you create your own tutus instead of purchasing an expensive boutique tutu.  Make a few different tutus for your little girl and design matching hair bows for her too…she’ll certainly feel like a princess!

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Tutu Costume Ideas for Girls

I just love creating custom tutus for girls.  Here are a few great tutu costume ideas for little girls:

Ballerina: add ballet shoes and tights

Witch: add black hat and broom

Tinkerbell:  add wand and fairy dust

M&M: add clothes and shoes in same color and an M on shirt

Butterfly: add wings on back

Can you think of some other ideas?  Girls LOVE to wear fun tutus to birthday parties, dress up, and as a Halloween or party costume!

Tutus as part of a costume are perfect for Halloween but also costume parties and little girl dress up birthday parties!  Get creative with your choice of colors when making tutus and you can add them to be a part of almost any costume you can think up to add a fun and girly flair to your dress up.

Remember that tutus are not just for infants, babies, and little girls!  You can also have fun wearing tutus as a teen or adult since its easy to create your tutu to fit any size lady!

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