Infant Tutus For Your Baby

You love your little treasure more than anything in the world. That is why you want only the best for her. She will surely love to have an infant tutu. She will like the color and the gorgeous puff. This garment might actually become her favorite play thing. She might even want to be a real ballerina one day.

You can buy or make an infant tutu. There are different models sold on the market, but you might want to pick the fabric and make the design on your own. In this way you will be certain that your baby will feel comfortable when wearing the garment and play happily. All materials and tools you need are readily available and easy to find. The next step is to learn the methods for creating a tutu and you are ready to turn fantasy into reality.

You can choose between different designs. The bell tutus are totally gorgeous, but they are more suitable for slightly older girls. You will definitely not get it wrong if you opt for a pancake models – these not only use up less material for the making, but are also more comfy for the child. You can make such a model as puffy as you like, but your little girl will definitely look absolutely sweet in any garment.

The color you pick for the infant tutu does not have to be a classic girly one. The pink is totally beautiful, but you should also consider some of the trendier shades such as lavender, cream, blue and green. You can pick a fabric with floating colors or use pieces with different shades to make the tutu more exotic. The sparkly tulle is also an excellent choice.

You can embellish the infant tutu in any way you like. The tulle ribbons and flowers are the most obvious choices, but you can also pick something more unconventional.


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Tutu Costume Ideas for Girls

I just love creating custom tutus for girls.  Here are a few great tutu costume ideas for little girls:

Ballerina: add ballet shoes and tights

Witch: add black hat and broom

Tinkerbell:  add wand and fairy dust

M&M: add clothes and shoes in same color and an M on shirt

Butterfly: add wings on back

Can you think of some other ideas?  Girls LOVE to wear fun tutus to birthday parties, dress up, and as a Halloween or party costume!

Tutus as part of a costume are perfect for Halloween but also costume parties and little girl dress up birthday parties!  Get creative with your choice of colors when making tutus and you can add them to be a part of almost any costume you can think up to add a fun and girly flair to your dress up.

Remember that tutus are not just for infants, babies, and little girls!  You can also have fun wearing tutus as a teen or adult since its easy to create your tutu to fit any size lady!

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