Should I Purchase or Make a Tutu?

Many little girls are discovering how beautiful and fun tutus are to wear and asking their parents for some pretty tutu skirts.  Now comes the decision to purchase a custom tutu or to learn how to make a tutu.  The good news is that many types of tutu skirts and dresses can be made with just a few dollars worth of supplies and only take about thirty minutes to create.  Making your own homemade no-sew tutus can save you up to $100 on the purchase on one tutu.  You can feel more comfortable allowing your daughter to have fun in her tutu and wear as often as she’d like when you make tutus for a significantly smaller cost.  When you purchase a custom tutu you will probably only want to save it for special occasions and photo shoots since tutus can be delicate and you won’t want to have her pretty dress destroyed after just a few wears.

For moms that don’t have a few extra hours to grab supplies and create a few no-sew homemade tutus then I would suggest buying them.  Again though, be aware of the hefty price tag as the average tutu runs between $20 and $75 a piece.  Also remember that kids grow quickly and might outgrow your custom boutique tutu by that same time next season so each year you will need to purchase a new and larger size which gets pretty costly.

If you have just a few minutes and some basic supplies from a craft or fabric store, you can begin to create beautiful tutu skirts and tutu dresses that are just as professional and gorgeous as a tutu you could buy online or in a boutique store.


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You Can Learn How to Make a Tutu and Save Major Money!

Have you seen the prices on those  beautiful and colorful boutique style tutus for girls?  WHOA!  The good news is that you can learn how to make tutus for babies, infants, and girls with just a few supplies and your creativity for embellishing them with ribbons, flowers, jewels, pom poms, and other fun girly designs.

The basic supplies and materials needed for creating custom made tutus at home are pretty inexpensive so you can save money by making your own tutus instead of buying expensive custom made ones.

Find a photo of a tutu you like and then do your best to re-create that design with your own touches.  Use a variety of tulle colors and really make your design unique.  Your little girl will certainly love to show off her tutu that you’ve made handmade with love.

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Tutu Costume Ideas for Girls

I just love creating custom tutus for girls.  Here are a few great tutu costume ideas for little girls:

Ballerina: add ballet shoes and tights

Witch: add black hat and broom

Tinkerbell:  add wand and fairy dust

M&M: add clothes and shoes in same color and an M on shirt

Butterfly: add wings on back

Can you think of some other ideas?  Girls LOVE to wear fun tutus to birthday parties, dress up, and as a Halloween or party costume!

Tutus as part of a costume are perfect for Halloween but also costume parties and little girl dress up birthday parties!  Get creative with your choice of colors when making tutus and you can add them to be a part of almost any costume you can think up to add a fun and girly flair to your dress up.

Remember that tutus are not just for infants, babies, and little girls!  You can also have fun wearing tutus as a teen or adult since its easy to create your tutu to fit any size lady!

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