Are tutus just for dress up?

No way!  Have you seen the latest styles walking the runway this spring?  Surprisingly tutus aren’t even just for infants and little girls any more.  You’ll see a lot of tulle skirts for teenagers and women alike.  Certainly if women are donning tutu skirts for fashion and enjoying this latest trend, then little girls can wear their tutu skirts as part of a fun outfit as well.  Tutus are no longer just for dress up but are also being used as a professional looking outfit for photo shoots and as dresses for holidays and special occasions.  Let your little girl be a princess all day long when you pair a tutu skirt with jeans or leggings and a matching top.  On holidays you can create a beautiful tutu empire waist dress or tutu halter dress for her to wear.

Tutus can be purchased online or in boutique stores for $25-100.  You can also learn how to make your own tutus for your daughter with under $5 worth of supplies.  There are many no-sew options for making tutu skirts and tutu dresses so you don’t even need to worry if you are not good with a sewing machine.


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All About Tutus!

Want to read more about tutus? I created a Scribd article here: All About Girls Tutus

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Tutu Making for Beginners

You might think tutu making is a difficult task but I’m happy to tell you that you can learn how to make a tutu with NO SEW techniques.  I LOVED discovering no sew tutus because I am not a big fan of using a sewing machine and enjoy crafts and projects where I don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out sewing!

There are numerous ways to make tutus and most of them are very easy for beginners to learn to create so you can make a custom tutu for your daughter or special little girl with ease.

The basic supplies needed for making tutus are available at your local craft store, as well as the tools needed for the project.  Besides that, the materials are not that expensive.  You will certainly save money when you create your own tutus instead of purchasing an expensive boutique tutu.  Make a few different tutus for your little girl and design matching hair bows for her too…she’ll certainly feel like a princess!

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